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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Data and LDBBL

Your confidentiality is protected by the Data Protection Act and, from 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), which prohibit LDBBL from passing your details to anyone other than those people who need to know.


When you register as a player for a league team, you are asked to provide LDBBL with some Personal Data in order to fulfil your membership of the league. Any such information supplied by you to LDBBL will be kept on file by the League and may be disclosed to league officers and/or their designated deputies.

In addition to this personal data, the league will also hold data relating to bar billiards results, i.e. scores, results, titles won etc.

Members' personal data are stored in a secure database. Your full name, together with bar billiards results data will be published on the league website.

Members who register for the submission facility facility on the website, in order to be able to enter match results, will also provide a username and password to enable logging in. If you register for this facility, your username and encrypted password will be stored securely on the web server.

Data Held

Name, team played for

LDBBL needs this basic information in order to maintain your membership of the League, and to maintain historic league records.

The league will publish details of your name, team(s) played for, match results, scores and titles won, etc. This information will be retained indefinitely, unless you specifically requested its deletion.

Address, post code

This is optional. The league will not normally contact members by post.

Telephone number, email address

These are optional. If supplied, such information will be held securely, and will not be published on the league website, or otherwise online. LDBBL may use these to contact you for the purpose of managing the affairs of the league.

Team captains must supply their own telephone number and/or email address. The information may be shared with the League management committee and other team captains.

Members entering individual competitions held by the league must supply telephone number and/or email address. The information may be shared with the League management committee, team captains and other members entering such competitions.

Username, password

If you register for the results submission facility , LDBBL needs this information in order to enable and control your use of the facility. Password will be stored in encrypted form only.

Your Personal Data and Third Parties

LDBBL will not supply any of your Personal Data to any third party other than where we are required to do so by law.

Retention of Your Personal Data

When you cease to be a member, LDBBL will delete your Personal Data, except as described below, as soon as is practicable, unless required by law to do otherwise.

If you are, or have been, a league member, then data relating to bar billiards may be published and retained indefinitely, including your name, team(s) played for, match results, scores and titles won, etc.

If you wish any of your personal data to be deleted, please contact the LDBBL Webmaster.


No analytics or tracking cookies are used on the league website.


No section of the website accessible by non-Members requires any cookies to be set in the browser.


No section of the website other than the results submission facility requires any cookies to be set in the browser.

Results Submission Facility

Access to the results submission facility is controlled by a login procedure that requires your username and password to be submitted to the web server for authentication. When you log in, a cookie (which automatically expires at the end of the browser session) is returned to the browser signifying successful authentication.


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Contact the LDBBL Webmaster if you need to contact authors or owners of images, and their details are not given.


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