Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

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League 2018/19

12 Nov 2018 - County Oak v Glynde Horse

Result submitted 2018-11-12 22:47:34 [#942] by Ric Bithell (Glynde Horse); confirmed 2018-11-12 23:32:46 by Jean Brackenridge (County Oak B):

County Oak 2 - 3 Glynde Horse
Sandra Hall (0pt)18607470Jan Bithell (1pt)
Jean Brackenridge (1pt)13720530Dave Todd (0pt)
Alan Brackenridge (0pt)18207880Dave Knight (1pt)
Rob Hall (1pt)17550100Ric Bithell (0pt)
Kevin Hall (0pt)50706980Richard Todd (1pt)

All games went with the break, enabling Glynde to retake top spot! [Ric Bithell]

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