Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

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League Cup 2018/19

14 Jan 2019 - Blacksmiths v Cock n Balls

Result submitted 2019-01-15 00:49:49 [#978] by Colin Southouse (Blacksmiths Arms); confirmed 2019-01-15 08:24:28 by Liz Lancaster (Cock n Balls):

Blacksmiths 2 - 3 Cock n Balls
Peter Payne (0pt)17603270Huw Lincoln (1pt)
Mike Daw (1pt)133901790Derek Taylor (0pt)
Fred Pope (1pt)51302340Mick Kirwan (0pt)
Chris Haynes & Fred Pope (0pt)33305920Mick Kirwan & Jan Smith (1pt)
Peter Payne & Mike Daw (0pt)37304930Liz Lancaster & Derek Taylor (1pt)

A good match tonight, Peter Struggled to get any ball in any hole Mike opened with 7k and added another 6 later, Fred kept getting a few and stayed in front, a nice 5k break from Mick Kirwan in game 4 evened things up Peter struggled again to score anything Mike Daw got th break back quite late but came off on 3.7k, Derek got it back a bit later and made a good 4k and came off just before the bar 1k ahead, Well done the cock and thanks to Mark for the sausages and roasties with gravy toward the end [Colin Southouse]

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