Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

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League Cup 2018/19

11 Feb 2019 - Glynde Horse v County Oak

Result submitted 2019-02-12 00:01:31 [#989] by Ric Bithell (Glynde Horse); Confirm this result

Glynde Horse 1 - 4 County Oak
Richard Todd (0pt)31603770Alan Brackenridge (1pt)
Dave Todd (0pt)30303520Jean Brackenridge (1pt)
Ric Bithell (1pt)44101120Kevin Hall (0pt)
Dave Knight & Jan Bithell (0pt)29606530Kevin Hall & Jean Brackenridge (1pt)
Ric Bithell & Richard Todd (0pt)29907180Rob Hall & Sandra Hall (1pt)

Needing two games to secure the cup, the home team came up short, winning only one of three closely fought singles, and then being soundly beaten in the doubles! [Ric Bithell]

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