Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

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League 2019/20

11 Nov 2019 - Blacksmiths v New Oak

Result submitted 2019-11-11 23:01:07 [#1072] by Colin Southouse (Blacksmiths Arms); Confirm this result

Blacksmiths 5 - 0 New Oak
Alec Pope (1pt)21902120Bella Stoner (0pt)
Fred Pope (1pt)22800Nigel Senior (0pt)
Peter Payne (1pt)29500Marcus Chipman (0pt)
Colin Southouse (1pt)70206890Alan Brackenridge (0pt)
Alec Pope (1pt)52303150Jean Brackenridge (0pt)

no luck for the visitors tonight while there was plenty for the home team, leading to an unrepresentative score line, it could easily have been 5-0 to the New Oak [Colin Southouse]

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