Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

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League Cup 2021/22

17 Jan 2022 - New Oak v Glynde Horse

Result submitted 2022-01-17 23:57:05 UTC [#31] by jean brackenridge (New Oak); confirmed 2022-01-18 08:53:22 UTC by Ric Bithell (Glynde Horse):

New Oak 6 - 0 Glynde Horse
Alan Brackenridge (1pt)64004640Dave Knight (0pt)
Colin Southouse (1pt)75803450Roger Munn (0pt)
Mike Daw (1pt)91602970Dave Todd (0pt)
Marcus Chipman & Jean Brackenridge (1pt)36603520Ric Bithell & Richard Todd (0pt)
Peter Payne & Mike Daw (1pt)99203590Jan Bithell & Dave Knight (0pt)

Glynde were well beaten by the home side in spite of mostly favourable handicaps. Richard came close to a win in the doubles but unfortunately he had inadequate support from his partner. [Ric Bithell]

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