Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

Match Report

League 2018/19

13 May 2019

Blacksmiths 2-3 Cock n Balls
Fred Pope 1790 3560 Chris Farrow
Jamie Minihane 2860 3430 Mick Kirwan
Clive Minihane 1530 4080 Derek Taylor
Chris Southouse 2830 1160 Huw Lincoln
Colin Southouse 11460 330 Liz Lancaster

Thanks to Chris for standing in at the last minute and coming up with a hard earned win to stop the rot, Many thanks to Heavenly Hayley for serving up an end of season feast for us all. Few of the homies played the right weight for the table tonight. Given another 20 years we might get there! Next weeks fixture is reversed so another home match to get used to the table, Many thanks also to Mark at the Blacksmiths for looking after us so well this year [Colin Southouse]


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