Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

Match Report

League Cup 2018/19

28 Jan 2019

Bevendean 3-2 Blacksmiths
Brian Muggeridge 2840 3900 Clive Minihane
Zoe Stoner 4030 450 Peter Payne
Ashley Edwards 650 2820 Fred Pope
Brian Muggeridge &
Zoe Stoner
4760 1960 Fred Pope &
Peter Payne
Ashley Edwards &
Kevin Stoner
4170 530 Colin Southouse &
Jamie Minihane

Clive beat brian, Zoe beat Peter with 4k score, Fred beat Ashley and Zoe and Brian beat peter and Fred, Colin and Jamie were 5k ahead until a rash rush of blood shot from Jamie felled the black later on leaving Kev with a great opportunity to play to the bar for an easy win, still great fun with the bevvy and nice food at the interval [Colin Southouse]


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