Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

Match Report

League 2018/19

24 Sep 2018

Bevendean 1-4 Blacksmiths
Brian Muggeridge 4050 4170 Colin Southouse
Sheena Wood 2540 2560 Jamie Minihane
Steve Burns 1550 6150 Mike Daw
Kevin Stoner 6500 2640 Fred Pope
Ashley Edwards 250 1520 Clive Minihane

After the 1st 2 games going to the last ball with the visitors taking each leg, Mike Daw opened with a 5650 away break to seal the 3rd, Kevin Stoner looked good during his opening 4k break, Clive went about seeing how many points he could lose in one leg, ably assisted by Ashley who removed the black near the end, the result could easily have gone the other way. Plenty of banter from the bevy as usual. [Colin Southouse]



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