Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

Match Report

League Cup 2018/19

28 Jan 2019

Plough 1-4 Glynde Horse
Chase Newman 7520 0 Dave Todd
Ros Appleby 1470 1820 Richard Todd
John Staplehurst 1430 1470 Ric Bithell
Chase Newman &
Ros Appleby
1920 8900 Dave Knight &
Roger Munn
Kev Hutchinson &
John Staplehurst
1300 3530 Jan Bithell &
Willy Vine

Dave T had a black peg in game 1, but didn't have much to lose as Chase dominated the scoring. Richard and Ric both won scrappy low scoring games; Ric coming from behind to win on the last ball. Chase was unable to reproduce his earlier form in the first doubles, and a 6k clearance from Dave K secured the game. Jan and Willy won the second doubles, Jan's opening break accounting for most of the scoring [Ric Bithell]


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