Lewes & District Bar Billiards League

Match Report

League 2018/19

24 Sep 2018

Glynde Horse 3-2 County Oak
Dave Todd 4000 4910 Jean Brackenridge
Dave Knight 8380 4390 Kevin Hall
Richard Todd 2260 4620 Alan Brackenridge
Jan Bithell 6900 0 Rob Hall
Ric Bithell 4660 2630 Sandra Hall

Both Jan (playing 2nd) and Dave K (4th) took advantage of the break to post big scores which Rob and Kevin, respectively, couldn't overhaul. The Brackenridges both held their games against the Todds, and Sandra looked set to take the last game until a late comeback from Ric gave victory to the Horse. [Ric Bithell]



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